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Marketing Plan/Communication Plan

A marketing plan is a blueprint for marketing your products and services, and is a structured by-step guide to effectively delivering your business’s marketing strategy and capitalize on market opportunities. It is a practical, detailed document that sets clear, realistic and measurable activities often including deadlines, budgets and staff allocations.

Aligned with business strategy and other strategic tools (see market research, business plan and balanced scorecard topics) the marketing plan can help you to:

  • Attract new customers and strengthen the relationship with existing customers

  • Create explicit marketing initiatives

  • Set and meet marketing objectives

  • Outline the sales targets and forecasts for your products and services

  • Grow your business with an effective marketing strategy


Hand in hand with the marketing plan comes the communication plan. Communication is critical as you have to interact and deliver key messages to your customers be it integrated in corporate level strategy or business level strategy.

By developing a strategic communication plan we can help your organization in:

  • Strengthen your competitive position and retain the profitable customers

  • Maximize your limited resources in an innovative and efficient way

  • Understand the current positing of your business and value proposition to your existing and target customers


As is the marketing plan, the communication plan should include clear and measurable goals and strategies. These goals should be as specific as possible. For each goal, there should be a string of communication activities, or tactics which need to have a timeline, staff allocated and a budget.


Marketing and communication plans are often cyclical and also depend on the stage of your business strategy. PremiValor Consulting is experienced and dedicated to helping organization and businesses by setting up innovative marketing and/or communication plans and identifying the unique selling proposition that supports your products or services.


So whether you are

  • creating your marketing and/or communication plan

  • developing strategies in your plan

  • implementing strategies in your plan

  • evaluating whether your marketing and/or communication strategies are contributing to your overall business

  • fine tuning your marketing and/or communication plan.

Please contact us so that we can help you achieve success and strive your business

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