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Business plan and BSC

The business plan is one of the most important tools you can develop to make your business successful whether you are starting a new business, growing your business, assessing a project or an investment decision, or even exiting a business.

Having a business plan that is recurrently reviewed and updated can help you to improve perception of your strategic positioning and support your decision making. The business plan will set the grounds for making most of new opportunities and identify potential risks and act before problems occur, based on quantifiable data.

The business plan will incorporate many aspects of your business or project such as comprehensive market research (see ‘Understand your market better’ section), the financial features such as sales, margins, cash flows, that will be considered on the financial model, and how the implement.

PremiValor Consulting works closely with you. Following a strategic thinking approach, we understand your goals and vision, and then develop your tailored business plan, from initial assessment to full implementation. If your project requires financing, we’ll adapt your business plan from the viewpoint of a prospective investor.

Together with the business plan, the balanced scorecard is a strategic tool of fundamental importance to quantify and measure your performance indicators vis-à-vis your objectives, in a clear, straightforward and integrated model.

Many decision makers and managers agree that measuring progress and performance is a part of sound management, but often find difficulties in:

  • Select/find the relevant and quantifiable measures

  • get the needed data to be measured in an easy and ready to use way

  • align measures to strategy and needed courses of actions

  • use measures to drive improvement and grow the business


PremiValor Consulting’s experience in design and implementation of balanced scorecards across different industries and organizations, will guide you to operationalize your vision and create an integrated model of linked Objectives, Measures, Targets, and Initiatives to help implement the needed strategy.

To learn more, please contact us.

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