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About PremiValor Consulting

PremiValor Consulting delivers top management consulting services, building on the components of skilled diagnosis, recommendation, and solution implementation capabilities.

Our expertise and advice comes from the commitment and senior experience of our team. We deal with complex issues that, continuously, managers from different industries face seeking to clearly identify the drivers of our clients’ opportunities and competitive advantages so we can create true value propositions and be recognized as a Value Partner.

Visit and get to know what some of our partners think of us:

“PremiValor supported SUCH – Serviço de Utilização Comum dos Hospitais (Shared Public Hospital Services), in the design of its Strategic Plan, which has resulted, not only in a high quality and thorough final document, but also a clear guidance for SUCH’s teams on how to strategically deal with planning issues”

Paulo Lilaia

Chairman of Apogen and Generis Pharma CEO

Paulo Sousa

SUCH Chairman of the Board

“PremiValor has advised APOGEN (Portuguese Pharmaceutical Generic Industry Association) through a detailed evaluation of the Portuguese and European generic drug market dynamics. This assessment has provided a fundamental contribution to qualified information access and sustained analysis. PremiValor’s advising has allowed APOGEN to find solid ground to support its opinions and policies so as to contribute to a fair and more sustainable healthcare system”

The Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing is just one of many breakthrough studies that PremiValor Consulting has conducted in the past several years.

Here are some examples of other studies and publications that have been distinguished and publicly recognized:



At a time when the World Health Organization considers obesity the epidemic of the XXI century, the practice of a healthy and balanced diet takes on greater importance as a determinant factor of quality of life and chronic disease prevention


The 1st Edition of the Observatory of Civilization Diseases in Portugal (2010) aims at analyzing and evaluate the overall perception of patients, citizens, health professionals, doctors, nurses and pharmacists in respect of the following pathologies: hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, and obesity.


1st Edition of the Observatory of Civilization Diseases

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