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How we did it?

The Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing in Portugal – 1st edition is based on a countrywide population survey.  The project consists of data collecting in two thematic areas, Childbirth and Ageing.

The sample of the first edition of the Observatory of Childbirth and Ageing in Portugal – 1st Edition will be close to 3,000 individuals (1,700 corresponding to childbirth theme and 1,300 corresponding to ageing), and data will be collected in different regions of Portugal over face to face structured interviews.

The data among the ageing theme will be carried out with a national-representative sample of Portuguese persons over 35 years old. Among the childbirth theme the survey will be carried out with a national- representative sample of women between 15 a 49 years old and men between 15 and 59 years old.

The sample will be stratified by residence, gender and ageing quota according to Portuguese population distribution (INE, 2011).

The number of questionnaires was calculated so as to ensure a 95% confidence interval with a maximum error of 3% for ageing theme and 2.36% for childbirth.

The first edition questionnaires were developed by PremiValor Consulting with the contributions of the Observatory Partners, Scientific Committee and Scientific Coordination, composed by experts in the fields of childbirth and ageing.

The ageing questionnaire includes the following topics: active ageing, life style, physical activity, wellness, technology, autonomy/independence, solidarity between generations, health status, savings, socio-demographic.

The childbirth questionnaire includes: General topic, family and offspring, family benefits, fertility, family and job, health status, savings, socio-demographic.

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