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Conference Sponsorship

ONEP is a project that aims to characterize, understand and evaluate how demographics – childbirth and ageing – are changing and influencing our society and our economies.

The ONEP Conference brings together professionals from across a wide variety of research fields and organizations for a capital experience to move knowledge, social awareness, and initiatives forward.

Featuring presentations, lectures, workshops, roundtables, and a keynote speaker to inspire you, the conference’s program targets topics and solutions that partners, academics and stakeholders deem valuable.

The ONEP annual conference in the perfect place for you to maximize your ROI in the age friendly/active ageing industry. Sponsors and partners of the Conference enjoy exposure to key prospects and customers in an environment favorable to networking and relationship-building.

Who is your audience?

  • Researchers

  • Professors

  • Board members

  • Executive directors

  • Wellness centers directors

  • Program directors

  • Engineers

  • Developers and architects

  • Sales and marketing personnel

  • Fitness instructors

  • Personal trainers

  • Health educators

  • Social workers

  • Physicians Nutritionists/dietitians

  • Therapists


What will your audience be looking for:

  • To participate in a privileged debate forum where your organization, researchers, and companies address the latest insights concerned with ageing and childbirth.

  • learning and connecting with colleagues, as well as industry leaders and experts, in an environment that fosters and supports knowledge and networking.

  • expand its network and obtain conference information to update or develop new projects.

  • Learn about new products and services from your company.

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