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Assess your organization’s childbirth friendly readiness

Is your organization friendly to fathers and mothers?

Your ability to successfully manage your employees’ careers is directly related to your organization’s capacity to support and sustain childbirth and work-life balance policies.

ONEP provides the self-assessment tools that can help you head start into addressing these issues in your organization.

Take a moment to assess your organization’s “readiness” to do good childbirth promotion by filling in our survey on Childbirth Friendly Readiness.

The main goal of this self-assessment process is for you to understand whether:

1. You’re just starting out or ready to move beyond the basics – you’ll find resources to guide you through a process of design and planning to develop a customized Action Plan for becoming more Childbirth Friendly

See our Learning Center;


2. You already have best practices well established and can start benefiting from it by getting official ONEP certification for your products and services – see ONEP Official Certification or applying for our Best Practices Maternity Awards;


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